A Paediatrician’s Paper Trail

These are some of the published journal articles with which I have been involved during the past 57 years since 1963. In many entries there is a story or information relating to the publication which does not appear in the text.  There is some information relating to the many friends and colleagues involved as co-authors or main authors and some information about their lives. I found this “where are they now” aspect particularly interesting; this was only possible using the modern media facilities. Even at this stage I had some surprises!

The majority of the publications mentioned are listed on PubMed and the PMID number is included with most of the references which, if entered into PubMed, will take you to the original full abstract. If FREE is mentioned, a free full copy can be accessed from the PubMed entry. As my life and my family, until they went their own ways, were influenced by my professional activities it seemed important to include them at various stages.

The “Paper Trail History” was written in 2020. I have  added comments on the subsequent significance and follow-up of some of the reports and the people described.